Gestures vs. Emojis: Comparing Non-Verbal Reaction Visualizations for Immersive Collaboration

Published in ISMAR, 2023

Collaborative virtual environments afford new capabilities in telepresence applications, allowing participants to co-inhabit an environment to interact while being embodied via avatars. However, shared content within these environments often takes away the attention of collaborators from observing the non-verbal cues conveyed by their peers, resulting in less effective communication.

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A Communication-Focused Framework for Understanding Immersive Collaboration Experiences

Published in IEEE VR, 2023

The ability to collaborate with other people across barriers created by time and/or space is one of the greatest features of modern communication. Immersive technologies are positioned to enhance this ability to collaborate even further. However, we do not have a firm understanding of how specific immersive technologies, or components thereof, alter the ability for two or more people to communicate, and hence collaborate.

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